🔔 holidays Sales End Soon - Hurry up! Enjoy free shipping on all orders.

🔔 holidays Sales End Soon - Hurry up! Enjoy free shipping on all orders.

Unisex Grey Owl Fleece Jacket


Only 150 Of This Limited Edition Grey Owl Fleece Jacket Are Left! (Going Down Quickly!) - People are going Crazy on these!

 Due to high demand, estimated delivery time is 5-15 Business Days.



The Highest Quality Handmade Jacket You’ve Ever Seen:

  • FULL PROTECTION AGAINST FREEZING CONDITIONS - We wanted to make double sure you’re all warm - this jacket features a DOUBLE insulated design to protect you!
  • ULTRA-SOFT FLEECE LINING - Just rub your hand on the inside, and feel the incredibly soft, thick lining that’ll make you want to wear it every single cold day!
  • SUPER SPACIOUS POCKETS - Fits all your daily carries, and keeps them safe. Not only can you fit your phone, earbuds, keys and your wallet safe; you can fit all that and still keep your hands warm inside!
  • FULL HEAD PROTECTION - Fleece-lined all along the inside of the hood, meaning that your entire head is protected from icy winter wind and freezing temperatures!
  • TOP-SHELF METAL ZIPPER - Fully reinforced to secure your jacket and keep the cold out, while keeping intact and moving smoothly even in the harshest cold!
  • HANDMADE BY EXPERT CRAFTSMEN - Every single stitch and every single thread used in constructing this incredible jackets are inspected carefully; using only the finest materials!
  • PERFECT BLEND OF SOFTNESS AND QUALITY - The best ratio for a jacket like this is 65% cotton and 35% polyester; with lining soft as a feather to the touch, while keeping you warm and insulated on the inside!



Due to the fine quality materials and softness this jacket

The item can be hand washed or machine-washed using cold water only.


Sizing Table (US Size):

Size Top Length Bust Shoulder Sleeve
S 67cm (26.4 in) 106cm(41.7 in) 45cm (17.7 in) 63cm (24.8 in)
M 69cm (27.2 in) 112cm(44.4 in) 48cm (18.9 in) 65cm (25.5 in)
L 72cm (28.3 in) 118cm(46.4 in) 51cm (20.0 in) 67cm (26.3 in)
XL 74cm (29.1 in) 124cm(48.8 in) 54cm (21.2 in) 70cm (27.5 in)
2XL 76cm (29.9 in) 130cm(51.2 in) 57cm (22.4 in) 72cm (28.3 in)
3XL 78cm (30.7 in) 137cm(53.9 in) 60cm (23.6 in) 74cm (29.1 in)
4XL 80cm (31.4 in) 148cm(58.2 in) 63cm (24.8 in) 76cm (29.9 in)
5XL 82cm (32.2 in) 157cm(61.8 in) 66cm (25.9 in) 78cm (30.7 in)


 The perfect GIFT for any Native American!

 Not Sold in any Stores.

 Due to high demand, the estimated delivery time within 4-13 Business Days.

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